The People Behind the Fujicast Podcast

Behind The Mic

Neale James

Show Host

Broadcaster, photographer, film maker and now podcaster, Neale James has worn many hats during his three decades in the creative arts. His work in radio includes time spent presenting Rockline at BBC Radio 1 with guests ranging from NIN’s Trent Reznor to the first radio phone in appearance by Take That! He’s toured with with Michael Jackson and Aerosmith and co launched the UK’s first Internet only radio channel.

Embracing a photography business, Neale found himself shooting weddings fifteen years ago, an unexpected diversion from a fledgling commercial portrait business he was establishing. In that time he has photographed eight hundred weddings for a wide diversity of clients. He first picked up a Fujifilm camera just after the launch of the X100 in 2011 and the developing cameras and types quickly became go to kit for film making projects such as the Fujifilm and Magnum agency co produced Home project. Now, a full time Fujifilm shooter, he shoots with the X-T3 citing the 23mm and 56mm as his favourite glass and focal lengths.

Kevin Mullins

Show Host

Kevin is an offical Fujifilm X-Photographer and has been shooting exclusively with the Fujifilm X-Series since 2012.

Kevin has been shooting weddings for over ten years, during which his commitment to the documentary style of photography has been unwavering. 

In reality, of course, this means more than just avoiding the “say cheese” comments – Kevin weaves a story at every wedding. 

He believes that just like a written story there should be a start, a middle and an end, all linked to form a body of work that the clients will look back on with their own grandchildren in many years’ time. 


Kevin Mullins

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