Episode #72 Start making a video diary TODAY!

Today’s guest, portrait and wedding photographer Fran Corbett had never pressed the video record button on her camera before Covid-19 had us all documenting our every move at home during lockdown.

Episode #71 From the Sun Newspaper to shooting wedding PJ – Brad Wakefield

Today’s show features Brad Wakefield who talks about shooting press work and how in many respects it’s similar to photographing a wedding in terms of story capture.

Episode #70 I have something to admit about my photography contract!?!?!!?

The incredibly patient Bryan Caporicci is back for the last part of his three parter on business advice during lockdown.

#69 Mentored by Bill Brandt, the incredible documentarian Fran May

Her honest pictures of Britain during the power strikes and financially turbulent times of the 70s are now the subjects of a book featuring pictures that Bill Brandt, her mentor, commented would one day form a precious and important portfolio.

Episode #68 Beirut hostage John McCarthy part 2, hope, freedom and new horizons for us all

In part 2 of our weekend daily show, John McCarthy talks of his release after 1,943 days captive in Lebanon.

Episode #67 Former Beirut hostage John McCarthy defeating isolation – special guest part 1

A very special guest joins us this weekend on The FujiCast Daily. John McCarthy was held hostage in Beirut for 1,943 days, so knows a deal about isolation.

Episode #66 When this is all done, how to flourish as a photographer

Today, a list of stuff to do daily, should I post my wedding pics right now and Bryan Caporicci on what happens when the doors open again for business?

Episode #65 Things to photograph in lockdown and ever thought about snapping pets?

Today, Neale and Kev answer more of your questions from the e-mail bag, there’s an invite to be a part of Snapshot’s BIG docu-story, Kev wonders why the police are outside his front window and what to do about imposter syndrome!

Episode #64 Alright, let’s get serious about getting our business through this!

In today’s daily photography show, we talk with Bryan Caporicci of Sprout Studios about his new FREE marketing series for photographers who want to successfully come out the other side of this.

Episode #63 Photographers uniting against the C word!

The FujiCast Daily, Kev’s back with Neale and we have a photographer/teacher, Carl Spring on to tell us how to cope and deal with the kids being at home during lockdown.