#111 NEW B&W presets, better video conferencing and WordPress woes answered

Today, some useful hints for video conferencing with prospective clients, back button focusing, plus designing a new Wordpress website. Later this week on Friday we’ll be having a website special. So whether it’s a professional shop window or hobbyist site to show off your fantastic photography, if you need advice, contact us by email with your questions in time for a special episode later this week: click@fujicast.co.uk

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#110 YOUR photo stories and projects from around the world!

Today’s show is about lockdown projects and we visit and revisit in one case, listeners and friends of the show from north, east, south and west to hear about what they’ve seen, recorded and photographed over the last few months. We also talk about blogs and if they’re still important for your business.

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#109 The dog whisperer, how to be a photographic humorist and more street portrait tips

Neale admits to being a keen fan of today’s Saturday interviewee, Elke Vogelsang, certainly one of Europe’s most celebrated dog photographers. It’s niche, but there is so much to learn from Elke, a humorist when it comes to photographing her subject. She shares some life lesson thoughts and observations about her journey. Also the boys start to discuss a particular street portrait project.

#107 Meet Fujifund.org and shoot the sea, ahhh some calm

We talk about Iain Palmers’s Fujifund, your chance to purchase fine art pictures for Covid relief. Also today, we talk about the man who apparently inspired Photoshop, give some advice about shooting the sea, try to find a cheaper alternative to Photo Mechanic, deal with back button focusing and talk about Wordpress for your photography websites. All that in half an hour? Surely not.  

#106 When do I start to charge good money for my photography?

Today on the show, DPI. What does it mean and how important is it? Do I choose 72 or 300? Help? What happens if an over zealous creative director adds unreal instagram filters to your photographic work? Kev’s on a ’no booze’ week, how is it going? And when do you know if you’re ready to start charging people money for your photography? Maybe it’s time to think about turning pro? There’s also the results to last Wednesday’s Daily Photo Challenge and the book of the week comes from Angus O’Callaghan.

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#105 Tech-Free Tuesday and Kev hits the roof about bogus workshops!

It’s Tech Free Tuesday – ask what you like of the boys photographically or otherwise!  Kevin has a thing or two to say about the training and workshop industry. Are there good events to attend? Are there too many? Are the facilitators experienced enough? Also, is that look of concentration grumpy, or a photographer’s ‘resting face.’ Our favourites from last Monday’s Daily Photo Challenge and a new competition hits the show; the Daily Caption Competition.

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#103 Bought the teeshirt, worn it, and shot it too! Commercial and day in the life work

Our Sunday guest is established commercial shooter Stuart Bingham, who has not just bought and worn the teeshirt, but shot it too. He talks about the tentacle like nature of commercial work where one commission can lead to so many others. ALSO, how to shoot Day in the Life sessions with Kev. Remember to keep sending your tech and non tech photography questions in so that we can chat about your passions and businesses.

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#102 Gang life and presidents, meet Donna Svennevik

It’s Saturday so we have a guest on the daily show. A gentle weekend meander with Donna Svennevik, a New York based photographer who has photographed presidents, gang leaders and showbiz personalities. Equally Donna is a personal project story maker, so we touch on the subject of making the everyday your canvas. 

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#101 Superyachts, weddings and finding the extraordinarily ordinary!

A superyachts photographer who shoots weddings by the weekend? Intriguing combination and proof that our listeners are a varied collective.

Also today, vintage lenses, how long SHOULD my camera batteries last, the Daily Photo Challenge and finding extraordinary in the ordinary on the street.

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#100 GRATITUDE! The one-hundredth SPECIAL! And a new website

One hundred shows! And still climbing. The weekly podcast about photography went daily as lockdown stopped our commercial photographic activity and so today we’ve reached, earlier than planned, one hundred episodes. Today a special, a different kind of show from the usual photographic Q&A. We talk GRATITUDE and get personal. Also today NEWS… the launch of the NEW website.

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#99 Is your camera merely a tool?

Today, black and white presets, a new Daily Photo Challenge, Kev’s affordable photography book you should buy when it’s safe to start spending money again, how will we eat at weddings wearing masks and that question; is your camera merely a tool? Oh and the complaints phone is ringing off the hook following Kev’s loose talk. 😉 AND we launch next week’s new challenge.

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#98 Fuji Canon Fuji Sony Fuji Nikon – JUST STOP CHANGIN'

It’s Tuesday, so for the second week it’s Tech Free Tuesday, anything you like, as personal as you like. This week Kev admits to missing the start of a wedding, people with GAS, folk who click their fingers for portraits, the Bokeh Chicken makes an appearance, and sort of, sort of, news of the next conference, or gathering, or whatever it’s going to be called! 😉 

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#97 SANITY, face masks, and we've given up… on calibration

Start of a new week, so Kev and Neale have the results to last Friday’s penultimate Bar Nuts Quiz, there’s a new Daily Photo Challenge and questions on sanity, face masks and calibrating your screen for all monitors everywhere. Is that really possible?

Artlist music for creatives: https://artlist.io/Neale-58765

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#96 Leaps of faith and BEING a photojournalist in 2020

The UK based photojournalist Ian Forsyth joins us on the show today to talk about the freedom to shoot, the ethics of shooting news, press freedom and being a stringer in the competitive field of photojournalism. Also today, making a leap of faith, and finding your confidence to ask strangers for a portrait.

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#95 A show in America? Shooting homes, BIG ADVICE show

The weekend has arrived and with it an interview. So prep a coffee and get some strong working advice on what you need from start to finish to go shoot real estate. Sincere thanks to Jon Buscall for his amazing help and time in making this episode and providing a Dropbox link to images you can practise on and sites to visit plus complete breakdown of focal lengths and kit required. Oh, and an invite to take the show to America. One day.

PDF and files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lh1lqsl5w8ijhtp/AADgV-ldVePIp0oo_F3XRww4a?dl=0

Jon’s site: www.moondog.photography

#94 Infrared pictures, complaints and a BIG photo challenge

What? A complaint? Seriously? What two? Double seriously? Today we talk infrared, Lightroom, X-T3 v X-Pro3, there’s a studio invasion Kevin’s side and we introduce a thumpingly good photo challenge that you may want to take into the weekend. Thanks to Gabrielle Motola today for solving the IR question.

Gabrielle’s IR page: https://www.gabriellemotola.com/i-r
FujiCast site: https://www.fujicast.co.uk 

#93 Black and white heaven & collecting camera bags!

A real mixed bag today. Get it? Bag. Camera bags. Oh suit yourself. So, we talk camera bags, how to set up your X100 flavoured camera, winners in the World Press Awards and invite you to submit your best black and whites to the Ministry of Shadows. There’s also a new Daily Photo Challenge.

Submit to Ministry of Shadows: https://www.ministryofshadows.co.uk/submissions
Send your questions: click@fujicast.co.uk 

#92 Let your ears tell your photographic story

Back to a smidge of tech talk today. We talk batteries, street work, and audio to make your stories sing! Also it being a Wednesday, Kev has another book to tell you about from his BOOKS YOU NEED TO BUY WHEN IT’S SAFE TO START SPENDING MONEY AGAIN feature, though we think you’ll need to save a few pennies for this particular one – and of course there’s another Daily Photo Challenge.

Send your questions to click@fujicast.co.uk