Episode #51 Do you want to shoot sport? And a new 2020 photo challenge!

jeff carter

Fujifilm X-Photographer Jeff Carter joins us on the show today.

Respected for his industry-leading motorsport pictures, Jeff is equally a talented landscape shooter and he shares his advice for working in these genres.

Also this week a new photo challenge for any listeners in the FujiCast Facebook group, Kev’s book of the week, your photo disaster stories and we’ll attempt to succinctly answer a tax question too. You can’t get more varied!

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Jeff Carter

MacLean Photographic
MacLean Photographic

Book of the Week

This weeks Book of the Week is Morandi’s Objects by Joel Meyerowitz

In the spring of 2015, the photographer Joel Meyerowitz sat at the work table in Giorgio Morandi’s Bologna home, in the exact spot where the painter sat for over 40 years making his quiet, sublime still lifes.

Here Meyerowitz looked at, touched, studied and connected with the more than 250 objects that Morandi painted.

Using only the warm natural light in the room, he photographed Morandi’s objects: vases, shells, pigment-filled bottles, silk flowers, tins, cans, funnels, watering cans.

In the photographs, each object sits on Morandi’s table, which still bears the marks the painter drew to set the positions of his subjects. In the background is the same paper that Morandi left on the wall, now brittle and yellow with age.

Meyerowitz’s portraits of these dusty, aged objects are not only works of art themselves, but they offer insight into the humble subjects that Morandi transformed into his subtle and luminous paintings.

If you are interested in the book, you can help us out by using the Amazon affiliate link. You won’t pay any more but we’ll get a few pennies in the FujiCast tip jar.

In this episode, we also mention:

Luis Garvan

Kevin Mullins & Neale James Workshop – 11th June 2020

Toby Binder “Wee Muckers”

Lotte Hofmeester from the Netherlands (Utrecht) becomes 20 years old in this film:

One comment on “Episode #51 Do you want to shoot sport? And a new 2020 photo challenge!

  1. Bryan clover says:

    QUESTION :: Neale/Kevin, great podcast – your interview Of Jeff Carter on sports most recently was very interesting – I listened attentively to Jeff’s commentary regarding Fuji’s development of the phenomenal F200mm super fast prime lens – which I purchased at the photography show last march – I am continuously impressed with the results of shooting action shots with this lens – le mans, horses & motocross events with my son. Jeff’s answer to Neale’s question regarding why you rarely see past canon and increasingly sony lenses at sports events – I agree with Jeff’s comments but would add that if Fuji could complete the range by releasing 400mm and maybe a 600mm prime lens, then I think the sports and safari photography fraternity would be more confident to invest in the platform – in my opinion? To this end if you were both Sports photographers – would you find good reason to purchase such lenses? I accept they would have even more premium prices but still better value and possibly quality than Canon/Sony equivalents – my money is ready and waiting for such glass gems?

    Thanks and best regards
    Bryan Clover

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