EPISODE #1: Meet kevin and neale, with special guest markus andersen

The First Fujicast.

Meet Kevin and Neale as they review Bob Mazzer’s potent photobook about London’s iconic underground culture.

Neale goes on a Sydney photowalk with Fujifilm X-Photographer Markus Andersen and the new mailbag feature answers your questions about all things Fujifilm.

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3 comments on EPISODE #1: Meet kevin and neale, with special guest markus andersen

  1. Ian D says:

    Thank you gentlemen for starting this delightful and informative podcast. The friendship you share in real life is apparent and enhances the way you are able to communicate with the listener. I wish you both success and longevity with this project.

  2. Hi Kevin (and Neale!)

    Thanks for these podcasts. They really are fabulous. I wondered whether you could take the subject of street photography vs GDPR a bit further in your next podcast? Kevin, you talked at length about your fear that we are in danger of losing decades of documentary photography because of these laws. I used to love street. In fact, it was street that really got me into shooting. But a few months ago, I got stopped a few times by either the police, or members of the public for taking shots and I was absolutely within my right or indeed was being very un-intrusive. So to be honest with you, I actually started to feel as though I was stealing from people by trying to take shots discreetly. I felt so guilty every time I took a shot or someone without their permission, that eventually, my stride, my creativity vanished and I decided to stop doing street. I don’t regret this because I have turned to family photojournalism (kinda thanks to you!) but I do still think about the dilemma especially when am travelling and my camera is still velcroed to my hip. Documenting society and its quirks and trends is one thing, but I feel as though Insta (and indeed the world of photography) is plagued with street photographers who shoot for their ego and not to study our behaviours for the benefit of future generations. What are your thoughts?

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