Episode 14 Ralu Chase gets to ask the questions

We recently ran a competition to co-present The FujiCast, turn the tables and ask any questions of the hosts! Today is that show. We welcome Ralu Chase, a London based family photographer who started her photography business in Boston America and Romania!

Check out Ralu’s website as we learn a little more about Kevin and Neale as photographers. 

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2 comments on Episode 14 Ralu Chase gets to ask the questions

  1. Love, love, loved the show this week.

    Great banter, conversation and advice from all involved. Ralu Chase filled the third chair with ease; leaving everyone wanting more. A great introduction to a future podcast star. She perfectly complimented Neale’s and Kevin M.O.s; easily equaling their experience and advice; adding a new perspective to every thought and asking questions that not cross the mind of every male photographer. No stand-in here.

    Guys become the first to make this a regular thing. There are so few shared spaces, where qualified men and women come together and share their differing experience, whilst respecting each other’s perspectives. This is how that elusive, working female voice gets to be heard by the greater male mass of working photographers. This isn’t because Ralu is female, but because she can offer insight that you both clearly desire to hear more of.

    Respectful of all / representative of more / appreciated as equals by equals. Continue the great message you are sharing; love of photography and how it SHOULD make you feel about those you captured.

  2. My worst Wedding experiences. There are quite a few after 17 years:

    *Mistaking the groom for the bride’s Dad – not a good start (my first ever wedding)
    * A bee going into my blouse as the bride and groom came out of the church. Keeping going, getting stung and then running around the back of the church and taking my entire blouse off and standing there in my bra to get the bee out. Coming back, continuing as all pros do with a throbbing chest.
    There’s a book in Wedding Photographer’s funny wedding stories. And in outtake pictures (for example drunk bridesmaids crashing into the DJ and the whole thing coming down).
    I once also attended a wedding where the mother of the groom fell into the pond during the speeches.
    The thing to remember is to TAKE a picture. Even if it isn’t used – if it’s remembered by the guests and couple, they will often want a picture of it for posterity!
    Agree entirely with Neale… sadness as well as joy can brings amazing photos and that’s why I like to get to know my couples and the background of their lives because then I can have better antennae to what might happen. If you do a wedding well, you are immersed in their emotional journey too as well as being a quiet observer/ bystander.
    Last weekend by the way the bride did a fart when I was photographing their romantic couple shots. I got the best picture as they fell about laughing.

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