EPISODE #16 From Nikon’s D750 to Fujifilm’s X-T3 with Reggie B

This week we chat about business, shooting alone, street law plus San Francisco wedding and portrait photographer Reggie Ballasteros talks about his move from the Nikon D750 to FujiFilm X-T3, how it’s changed his photography and why he made the swap.

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2 comments on EPISODE #16 From Nikon’s D750 to Fujifilm’s X-T3 with Reggie B

  1. Hello guys great podcast as always!! The way that Reggie explained his move from Nikon to Fuji more or less confirmed my opinion that Fuji is not for the faint hearted in that you really need to be at a fairly advanced level to a/ use the camera functions and controls and b/ successfully edit the xtrans files. This is contra to the opinion of many Fuji haters e.g cheap cameras for enthusiasts and not for professional use!! I have known personally many good enthusiasts and semi pro’s who have tried then returned to their dslr’s. Took me a while moving from Nikon after many years (1970’s) but the benefits were worth it in the end. Also on the Xtrans issue in Lightroom classic (or whatever the hell they call it now) I can now match the import quality of Capture one pro for fuji especially since the recent update with the Texture slider. LR is now handling xtrans just the same as C1 providing you switch off the import sharpen settings. All defaults set that zero. I also noticed that Reggie is able to sharpen fuji files in LR without the worms by sliding the ‘detail’ slider to zero’
    looking forward to the next one!

  2. david richards says:

    great podcast, I tend to price weddings on the watches they are wearing , their shoes, or the car parked outside. Just back from a wedding in Glasgow, my wife second shooter, new camera xt30 (xt3 was a bit cumbersome), didn’t touch my usual x pro 1. Using capture one to process/ edit , new also, since adobe started messing around with pricing, and bored of getting robbed blind. Tried the burst mode (a lot) and regret it, as I have to churn through thousands more pics than usual, shit it’s fast, what’s the best way to process the volume as colour coding for parts of the day is taking ages, star rating is working in a fashion, but the shots from three cameras are mixed together as I didn’t sync frame numbers etc. I like to present a mix of black and white and colour, but am never sure how to divide the day up etc so there is a decent flow etc. Have tried splitting inside outside, prep, ceremony, dinner etc. Nothing seems to flow quite right. Your methods would be greatly appreciated. p.s. I don’t need a camera strap, but if you want to send one I live in France so it will cost you an arm and leg.

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