Episode #26 Holiday special week 1 and YOU on the show!

Whilst Kev sips cerveza on his extended vacation in Spain, Neale is left in Auld Blighty (the UK) to piece together this week’s first of three-holiday specials.

There’s no break from the questions of course as we answer more tech and arty questions from the show’s mailbag. And there are five extra ‘mini’ guests this week as Neale enjoys the chance to meet some of our FujiCast friends.

Clive Blair: https://www.cliveblair.co.uk/ 
Janet Broughton: https://definitelydreaming.com/ 
Ruven Gotz: https://www.instagram.com/ruveng 
Stephanie Baxter at FujiLove: https://fujilove.com/ 
X-Weddings: https://www.x-weddings.co.uk/ 

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One comment on “Episode #26 Holiday special week 1 and YOU on the show!

  1. Wendy says:

    So good to put a voice to the name Janet. Loved hearing your interview on the podcast. Lol, I fell walking backwards photographing a toddler once and landed in a puddle! Sprained my wrist and damaged my thumb. But it was okay ‘cos I didn’t damage my camera, lol….just my pride!!!!

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