Episode #33 Someone stole my picture! And meet the Facebook moderators

This week the mailbag raises the question of what you should do when your pictures are used commercially without your permission.

A chance to meet the moderators of our FujiCast Facebook group and more on how to successfully make pictures of people on the street.

Steve Vaughan: https://www.samandstevephotography.com/ 
Peter Kasbergen: https://www.peterkasbergen.nl/ 
Simplr Straps: https://www.simplr.us
Kevin Mullins: https://www.kevinmullinsphotography.co.uk/ 
Neale James: https://www.nealejames.com 

With purposeful design, rugged performance and military-grade materials — Simplr camera straps combine form and function without compromise. Ideally proportioned for your Fuji.

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