Episode #41 Switching cameras to the X-Pro3? Best prime lenses

Fujicast Podcast

Will you be switching to the X-Pro3? What will your photo legacy be? How do I set my pricing? What settings are best for YouTube vlogging? And why does Kev have a black eye? So many questions answered today. And then there’s the playback of the Q and A from the X-Weddings conference in Bath where Scott Johnson, Vojta Hurych, Chris Parkinson, Saraya Cortaville, Matt Thompson and Mullins of course, answer live questions from the audience! The panel tackle gear shopping lists, personal products, Insta filters, motivation and wedding disasters. 

Links from this weeks episode:

X-Weddings speaker lineup
Kevin Mullins
Neale James
HMRC Working For Yourself


Kevin’s Review of Darcy Padilla’s Family Life

Fujifilm Professional Services (EU)

Fujifilm Professional Services (USA)

Images from our X-Weddings 2019 Speakers

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