Episode #52 LIVE from the House of Photography – first birthday show

the fujicast

Recorded LIVE at London’s Fujifilm House of Photography, Neale and Kevin are joined by Fujifilm’s Marketing Manager Andreas Georghiades to face questions from the audience.

Will there be new cameras? What’s happening with film simulations? And a host of other questions too as always about books, and experiences in the photography business.

It’s all on the first birthday show.

New Workshop

Fujicast Podcast

In this episode, Neale and Kevin announced their first joint workshop and you can find all the details here: Kevin & Neale’s Workshop 2020

The Photography Show and The Video Show: https://www.photographyshow.com/ – don’t forget 20% off with code: KEVINTPS20

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One comment on “Episode #52 LIVE from the House of Photography – first birthday show

  1. Please Please please please Please Please please pleasePlease Please please please……………..can Fujifilm release a Monochrome camera. I’m convinced with their sensor expertise and awesome optics that this would easily rival the over inflated Leica Monochom. With no colour array filter or low pass filter this would truly expand fuji’s innovative approach to photography. They could even use one of their current camera bodies fitted with a monochrome sensor , tweak the software menus and B O O M. Ps please make it with interchangeable lenses.

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