Episode #53 Photographing landscapes for YouTube with Thomas Heaton

This week we talk to Thomas Heaton about the launch, growth and popularity of his landscape photography YouTube channel, his switch to Fujifilm and how his recent trip to Nepal was his biggest physical challenge yet.

Also, is the D-Pad to be taken from all cameras? Kevin gets to grips with ‘that’ film, the one Fujifilm ‘banned,’ and the book of the week is Jane Bown’s Exposures.

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Find Neale and Kev’s sites: https://www.fujicast.co.uk/theboys/
Thomas Heaton: https://thomasheaton.co.uk/ 

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Neale and Kevin announced their first joint workshop and you can find all the details here: Kevin & Neale’s Workshop 2020

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Thomas Heaton

Book of the Week

This weeks Book of the Week is Exposures by Jane Bown.

Jane Bown has been taking portraits for the Observer for sixty years; anyone who has picked up the paper will be aware of her extraordinary talent. Working almost exclusively in black and white and with natural light, she produces astonishingly candid photographs that reveal the private side of her famous subjects. She works quickly, unobtrusively and decisively, often snatching great pictures in impossible circumstances, and she has an unerring instinct for capturing the telling moment, even in the midst of a media scrum or rushed in mid-interview.

This new collection not only presents Jane’s well-known shots, it also goes behind the scenes to reveal unpublished pictures -the ones that hit the newsroom floor. At every shoot, Jane took numerous wonderful studies, but the ‘definitive’ image was usually chosen by the picture editor, sometimes on the basis of something as arbitrary as how much space was available on the page. In Exposures, Jane’s photos finally get to speak for themselves. Presented here uncropped and in their full glory, these photographs show why Jane has been hailed as the natural successor of Cartier-Bresson and as one of the UK’s preeminent portrait photographers.

If you are interested in the book, you can help us out by using the Amazon affiliate link. You won’t pay any more but we’ll get a few pennies in the FujiCast tip jar.

In this episode, we also mention:

Tatsuo Suzuki and that infamous Fujifilm X100V movie.

Is back button focusing becoming outdated? Read the article on PetaPixel.

Jason Evans’ The Daily Nice

The NUJ’s Freelancers Price Guide

We also mentioned Nick Turpin’s lovely film showcasing the new Fujifilm X100V:

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As always, happy snapping and see you next week for Episode 54!

3 comments on Episode #53 Photographing landscapes for YouTube with Thomas Heaton

  1. Mark Lord says:

    Look forward to the podcast every week gents!

    Had the absolute pleasure of visiting Jane Bown at her home and having a roast dinner with her and 2 of her friends several years ago, a very surreal and enjoyable experience indeed as I’ve always been such a big fan of her work. A really lovely and softly spoken lady who took some of the most incredible portraits with minimal kit (carried in a carrier bag!), Her Olympus was sitting there on the sideboard and I managed to take a portrait of her with her camera around her neck before we left. An afternoon I will never forget.

    Keep up the great work, best podcast around.



  2. Gentlemen, listening to this week’s podcast (Monday, Feb 17, 2020) confirmed what we all feel in our hearts and why we are fans, truly fans. You two are “real”, with no BS.

    Kevin stepped up to the plate, manned up and defended our whole profession and love of photography. He defended our collective cultures. He also bravely called out his beloved Fujifilm and all of us photography snobs. Most importantly, he defended a sincere professional photographer who’s being vilified for one thing only, he looks odd. Translation: you can get away with whatever you want as long as you “look good” doing it or you’re famous. It’s remarkably hypocritical of anyone who defends the attack on him.

    If you used the way art was processed and its intentions as a measuring tool to segregate acceptable art and practices, you’d remove 99% of what is deem precious in the arts all through the ages. The Pyramids were built with horrific slave labor. Degas and company made gorgeous pictures of little girls dancing, but they don’t disclose that innocent children were called “little rats” and were made to prostitute to get fed and have opportunities to dance.

    I LOVE Fujifilm and own the remarkable XT-3. I’m contemplating a complete switch to the system from Sony. But my heart was broken, I mean this, when they didn’t stand their ground, which meant all the marketing hype of “be different” was hollow.

    You guys are the real deal! Neale and Kevin, you’re both brilliant photographers and your work speaks for itself. You are true ambassadors for Fujifilm and for us all. This is serious stuff and I know you both get it. Your genuineness is needed more than ever. It keeps us going. Cheers…

    1. I was gonna drop a line or two about this episode but you did a great job at it, so I will just say a big thanks to all 👍🏻
      Keep photography real.

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