Episode #54 How to approach strangers for street portraits with Gabrielle Motola

Gabrielle Motola

Today on the show, the super talented Gabrielle Motola shares how she approaches strangers for street portraits. It’s been a life skill she’s had to learn and develop and today she lays bare her secrets.

Also, hear about Gabrielle’s new book made on location in Iceland and how she started life at Annie Leibovitz’s studio. Also on the show, tripods, the book of the week, more on the X-T4 and Kev’s bought a GFX!

Key Links 

More on our work: https://www.fujicast.co.uk/theboys/
Gabrielle’s website: https://www.gabriellemotola.com/ 

New Workshop

Neale and Kevin announced their first joint workshop and you can find all the details here: Kevin & Neale’s Workshop 2020

Book of the Week

This weeks Book of the Week is Life of a Photograph by Sam Abell.

Some pictures are made over time, others in a split second. Readers accompany Abell as he thinks and works his way through difficult situations calling for innovative technique, physical risk, diplomacy, great patience, a sense of humour and above all, innate seeing. Photographing, instead of panicking, as a small plane is struck by lightening; gaining access to celebrities, including Bono, the Emperor of Japan, the painter Willem DeKooning; walking into chaotic situations and making snap judgements; making exquisite photographs of things others would walk right by.Drawing on 40 years of fieldwork, “The Life of a Photograph” is organised by the themes Abell has photographed.

These range from the sweepingly beautiful Portraits, landscapes and Wildlife to the surprising “Just Looking” (quirky scenes encountered on assignment), “On the Road” (scenes from automobiles), and “Cultural Landscapes” (human impacts on pristine land). Photographs cover geography and wildlife from the Arctic to the Amazon, and cultures from Australia to Japan to the American West. Anecdotes, explanations, and fascinating ‘walk-ups’ to final, finished images allow readers to see the evolution, frame-by-frame and thought-by-thought, of some of the world’s most interesting and recognized photographs.

If you are interested in the book, you can help us out by using the Amazon affiliate link. You won’t pay any more but we’ll get a few pennies in the FujiCast tip jar.

In this episode, we also mention:

The Fujifilm UK Refurb Store

Manfrotto Tripods

Freelancers Rate Sheet

The Daily Nice

The same picture of Jeff Goldblum everyday

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As always, happy snapping and see you next week for Episode 55!

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  1. Andy Brim says:

    Sorry to break it to you lads but when a Japanese person says the name it sounds like ‘nee-kon’ , like knee, with the long e.

    All the best. Brim

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