Episode #56 The incredible portraits of Luis Garvan

luis garvan interview

Luis Garvan is talked of often on the show and today Kevin talks with him via a link to Mexico City.

We believe Garvan’s work to be ‘quiet genius,’ whether it’s his exquisite study of still life flora, commercial portraits or abstract form and today Kevin asks him how he works and why.

Also, today, how photography helped one listener in his battle for sobriety plus Kev’s book of the week features Bailey’s study of the human form.

Key Links

Luis Garvan: http://www.luisgarvan.com/ 
Keith Vaughton: https://www.keithvaughton.com/ 
Kevin and Neale: https://www.fujicast.co.uk/theboys 

New Workshop

Neale and Kevin announced their first joint workshop and you can find all the details here: Kevin & Neale’s Workshop 2020

Book of the Week

Recently, David Bailey turned his lens away from the glitterati and decided instead to focus on ordinary people – with startling results. Over a period of three years, people visiting David Bailey’s studio were asked if they would agree to be photographed naked.

None refused, and none was rejected. The results, presented here in one large-format volume, combine to form an all-inclusive, searingly honest portrait of humankind.

Desmond Morris contributes an introduction.

If you are interested in the book, you can help us out by using the Amazon affiliate link. You won’t pay any more but we’ll get a few pennies in the FujiCast tip jar.

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Luis Garvan

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  1. Do us a favour lads, can you make your links open in a new window. Every time I click on a link I lose my place on the podcast and have to keep searching back.

    Just saying.

    Love the podcast.


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