Episode #59 You will not believe what happened? Plus how to work from home

It’s a very strange episode today as you’re about to find out. It all starts normally, in this anything but normal world right now, but then… well, listen on to find out.

We also have some ideas about how to handle working from home.

One comment on “Episode #59 You will not believe what happened? Plus how to work from home

  1. Love the idea of a daily podcast. I’m “at home” for the duration. I work in NYC but now live in a pretty coastal village about an hour away. My village is stunning. People come from all around to visit, sit by the water, park their boat, walk their dog, sit in the sun,have a meal or just walk around. I’ve lived here 25 years and for some reason have a complete block and can’t take a decent photo of the place. I travel into NYC to do street photography and feel creatively fulfilled. The photos I took of NYC’s busy streets just last week look like they were taken in another century. I’ve always been frustrated I can’t take decent photos in my village. What is it about familiarity that often blocks our creativity? Anyway, I wish we had a place to share photos of our isolation but I’m not getting back on Facebook for any plague large or small. Peace to you and yours

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