Episode #64 Alright, let’s get serious about getting our business through this!

In today’s daily photography show, we talk with Bryan Caporicci of Sprout Studios about his new FREE marketing series for photographers who want to successfully come out the other side of this.

All the normal chat, some of your questions and what IS Kev doing with this free time he has?

Sprout studios: https://getsproutstudio.com/
Sprout YouTube: https://bit.ly/SPROUT-marketing 

Send questions to [email protected] 

2 comments on Episode #64 Alright, let’s get serious about getting our business through this!

  1. Patrick Connor says:

    Hi Guys, first time comment. I don’t normally do podcasts, but you have me completely hooked.

    I was listening to Kevin’s comments on Capture One vs Lightroom. I don’t think there is much between them if you photograph people or architecture, but if you shoot anything with grass or foliage then it’s night and day. Another advantage of Capture One is that the colour profiles applied to raw files are identical to the in-camera film simulations, Omar Gonzales did a very interesting comparison video on it.

    You can use F for full screen in Capture One, just assign the key to full screen display in the edit keyboard shortcuts menu.

    We will eventually get through all this, but you make the journey a little bit easier. Many thanks.

    1. Fujicast says:

      Thanks Patrick. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you can do a “lights out” full screen like you can in LR on Windows (but you can on the mac version).

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