One hundred shows! And still climbing. The weekly podcast about photography went daily as lockdown stopped our commercial photographic activity and so today we’ve reached, earlier than planned, one hundred episodes.

Today a special, a different kind of show from the usual photographic Q&A. We talk GRATITUDE and get personal.

Also today NEWS… the launch of the NEW website. 

Kevin let Gemma loose on his hair during the lockdown. Was it a good idea?

Skip to: 04:06 Gemma was let loose on Kevin’s head
Skip to: 01:47 50 things we are grateful for

We both jotted down 50 things that we were grateful for, as part of the celebration of our 100th episode.

In the podcast, Kevin selects a handful off of Neale’s list and asks him about them. And vice versa.

Here are the lists in full.

50 things Neale has gratitude for

  1. Sam
  2. Thomas
  3. Jack
  4. Skiing
  5. Mum
  6. Dad
  7. Kev
  8. Giles
  9. Wings (Paul McCartney)
  10. Dorset
  11. Wood pigeons
  12. People who have the name, John
  13. Countryside
  14. Voice
  15. Wedding photography
  16. Chocolate
  17. NHS
  18. Driving
  19. Living abroad
  20. Australia
  21. Meditation
  22. Freedom
  23. Miss Bartlett
  24. The Internet
  25. Air travel
  26. Friendship
  27. Zenit camera
  28. 85mm a focal length
  29. Being fallible
  30. The beach
  31. Birthdays
  32. XT3
  33. The sea
  34. Coffee shops
  35. First loves
  36. Bread
  37. Kindness
  38. Podcasts
  39. The radio
  40. Churches (though I’m not particularly religious)
  41. Joe Buissink
  42. Lanzarote
  43. Typewriters
  44. Air
  45. Walking shoes
  46. Rain
  47. Sunshine
  48. Mint
  49. Curry
  50. Balance

50 things Kevin has gratitude for

  1. Gemma’s Hairdressing Skills
  2. Gemma’s DIY Skills
  3. Gemma’s Plumbing Skills
  4. Gemma
  5. Socks that fixed my itchy feet
  6. Bosh Book
  7. AeroPress Coffee Maker
  8. Rosa’s Baking Skills
  9. Albie’s Chess Skills
  10. Badminton Sets
  11. Piriton
  12. Neale
  13. Podcasting
  14. Gemma’s Cheerful Smile
  15. Health
  16. Marc Horner at Fujifilm
  17. Andreas Georgiades at Fujifilm
  18. Jeff Ascough
  19. My Mum and Dad
  20. Luis Garvan
  21. Father Keegan R.I.P
  22. London Welsh Rugby Club
  23. A Divorce Lawyer
  24. Acros Film Simulation
  25. A little chat in a roof bar in Tokyo with Zack Arias
  26. Knowing that Bill Gates owes me money
  27. My Faith
  28. Judo
  29. The Ormering Tide
  30. The Goonies
  31. The Three Cups Pub
  32. A girl call Sally
  33. Wales
  34. A house in Spain
  35. Argentina
  36. Darcy Padilla’s Family Love
  37. Only Fools and Horses
  38. Martin Parr
  39. The Trinity Sessions album by The Cowboy Junkies
  40. Guy Clark for helping me propose
  41. Stuff that works Song
  42. Mrs Dando the woman next door
  43. My nana who kept me pushing
  44. The Planet
  45. Tredegar Medical Aid Society (without which we would have no NHS)
  46. Scott Gibbs
  47. Daniel’s Well in Malmesbury
  48. Original Fujifilm X100
  49. Eyesight
  50. My mate Fat Phil for driving me to Freddie Mercury Tribute concert

The Daily Show Photo Challenge

Skip to: 31:45 Daily show photo challenge

In this episode we asked you to choose one item from your home, not including loved ones or pets, that would save in a house fire.

We loved Adrian Franklins image and reasoning.

As a bonus for our 100th Episode, a few films relating to our choices

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