A superyachts photographer who shoots weddings by the weekend? Intriguing combination and proof that our listeners are a varied collective.

Also today, vintage lenses, how long SHOULD my camera batteries last, the Daily Photo Challenge and finding extraordinary in the ordinary on the street.   

Send your photos for the caption comp to [email protected]

Skip to: 04:11 Is this the best coffee maker ever?

We mentioned the AeroPress Coffee Maker that we were recently sent by Tim, a friend of the show and also one of Kevin’s wedding clients.

Skip to: 06:25 We talk about this lovely post from Alex in our Facebook group

Come Sit A While With Me

As I listened to several Austrian ministers outlining the slow process of opening the country up again this morning, my first feeling was a kind of dismay.

I am of course looking forward to seeing friends, sitting and watching the world go by with a beer and roaming the streets with my camera. Of course, I am!

But a big part of me is loving this new way of living so much and I’m afraid that old pressure to be productive will overcome me again. But then I realise that the only person who can put me under such pressure is me. When we shut down on March 16th I was physically, and to some degree also psychologically, exhausted from running between my different jobs. It was like plate spinning. I don’t want that anymore. I really don’t.

It’s been a week since I took my first photos in this forest and since then I’ve spent more time here than I have in the last two years combined. I sat on this bench today and although there was no sun – and therefore no shadow and light performing their timeless dance – and the wind was chilly, I lingered for the longest time before slowly wandering home.

I have three weeks before my translation is due and although I plan to turn in a job I could not have done better in the hope of getting repeat work, I’m going to take every last hour of the time remaining to me.

I will invite friends to sit with me on this bench and share in the wonder I have rediscovered.

That’s what it’s been, this last 6 weeks or so – rediscovery. As Proust so beautifully said, the only true voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

My eyes are open now and although I’m as human and imperfect as the next person I’m going to try my damndest not to look back.

Alex Frederickson

Jonas Rask is the man to talk to regarding Vintage Lenses, although, in fairness, right now, being a GP, he’s probably a bit busy.

Skip to: 10:30 Is this the greatest photography job in the world?

Andrew from Super Yacht Photography asked us about battery usage on his Fujifilm Cameras.

I’m sure Andrew won’t mind if we show you a few of his incredible pictures.

When we grow up, we want to be Andrew

Skip to: 16:40 The Daily Show Photography Challenge

In this episode, we asked to recreate famous pieces of art, and my did you step up to the mark.

Here are a selection:

Skip to: 25:10 Rhohan Photography Lockdown Competition

This is the link to the Rohan Photography Lockdown Competition,

Bonus Video Eliott Erwitt

We mention Elliot Erwitt’s amazing Bulldog photograph in this episode. So here is the great man himself.

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