It’s Tech-Free Tuesday – ask what you like of the boys photographically or otherwise!  

Kevin has a thing or two to say about the training and workshop industry. Are there good events to attend? Are there too many? Are the facilitators experienced enough?

Also, is that look of concentration grumpy, or a photographer’s ‘resting face.’ Our favourites from last Monday’s Daily Photo Challenge and a new competition hits the show; the Daily Caption Competition.

In this episode we mention “Our Thomas”

“Our Thomas” as Neale would say. Thomas has a passion for all things trains and, unbeknownst to Dad, sent Kevin a lovely postcard in the post asking for a mention.

So, everybody, do a little boy a favour and give him a follow over at his Instagram Chanel, Bubspictures.

Kev reckons we can get him to 1,000 followers because all our listeners have a hear of gold.

Oh, and make sure you check out his pictures – he’s a fine photographer as well as a smashing young man.

And if you need convincing of Thomas’s talent, check out (and don’t forget to subscribe while you are there), this little gem on his YouTube Channel:

Cameron Neville

We mention Cameron Neville, who we interviewed back in Episode 6: The Firefighting Photographer.

Daily Caption Competition

Our random favourite from last week’s theme, which was “The Number 2” was this little gem from Scott Rollins:

Image by Scott Rollins

Today’s image for you to caption is this little gem:

Remember to head over to our Facebook group to leave a snapy caption.

Starting a Photography Business during tough times

Mark Dell asked if there was anyway he could re-read an article Kevin wrote for Professional Photographer back in 2009 all about starting a business during the economic recession we had then.

Well, the internet fairies have been good to us and you can read that article by clicking this link.

Note: Kevin’s editing style is, erm, different, these days.

Here is the byline to whet your appetite:

2008 was not an easy year for a lot of photographers, but it was the year in which Kevin Mullins decided to begin a career as a wedding photographer. This is his first-hand account of his photographic year.

My name is Kevin Mullins and I want to be a professional wedding photographer. That is a sentence I have wanted to say for a long time, and now I can.

Kevin Mullins – Professional Photographer Magazine

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