Today on the show, DPI. What does it mean and how important is it? Do I choose 72 or 300? Help?

What happens if an overzealous creative director adds unreal Instagram filters to your photographic work? Kev’s on a ’no booze’ week, how is it going?

And when do you know if you’re ready to start charging people money for your photography?

Maybe it’s time to think about turning pro? There’s also the results to last Wednesday’s Daily Photo Challenge and the book of the week comes from Angus O’Callaghan.

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What may happen in the wedding Industry?

Katrina Otter, a wedding planner talking about the state of the wedding industry and what’s likely to happen next!9e166

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Daily Photo Challenge penultimate day

Sven Brandola for the theme “Three”

Daily Caption Challenge

Confused yet?

Image by Mike Wotton
Jeremy Baker: See, I put my sunnies on the end of my nose, like this, to show I really wasn't happy and had my hands ready to slap them. Then I completely forgot what I was going to say.
Nigel Haywood: It only took Maggie 5 seconds to realise that the 0.99p beer goggles did not work with wine.
Scott Rollins: Right there, in the aisle where it is always found, there was no toilet paper. Just empty shelves. And that’s how ‘our year without toilet paper’ began.

Kev’s book of the Week

Angus O’Callaghan – Melbourne

Kev says this is one of his favourite books, but he’s strugeling to find anywhere for you to purchase it.

However, keep an eye out for it.

In 2008, at the ripe old age of 91, Angus’s work was finally “discovered” at a Brighton Primary School art fair fundraiser. His work has since been published in a book, Angus O’Callaghan’s Melbourne and he continues to be celebrated as a Melbourne icon whilst enjoying a late found career as an artist.

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