We talk about fujifund.org, your chance to purchase fine art pictures for COVID relief.

Also today, we talk about the man who apparently inspired Photoshop, give some advice about shooting the sea, try to find a cheaper alternative to Photo Mechanic, deal with back button focusing and talk about WordPress for your photography websites.

All that in half an hour? Surely not.    

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Charity Ltd Edn Framed Prints from Fujifund

Iain Palmer is a primary school teacher and passionate photographer from the UK.

He has taken a considerable amount of time to create something fairly unique with Fujifund.

Visit the site for more details but in a nutshell, he has got 16 official Fujifilm Ambassadors (Kevin include) to submit one image.

Each image will be professionally printed and framed by Digitalab and all profits go to charity.

The website is live now, with the sale starting on 20th May and is for a limited period of time.

Each day, here on the Fujicast we will show you one of the images that are on offer.

This is Kevin’s image; Dancing under the Stairs

Times are tough for many, but if you are in a position to support the COVID-19 relief fund as well as Love the One Charity then please do take a look at Fujifund.org .

Other photographers you can get these limited edition prints from include:

  • Jonas Rask
  • Palle Schultz
  • Patrick LaRoque
  • Rinzi Ruiz
  • Russell Ord
  • Isabel Corthier
  • Sonia Zeigler
  • Charlene Winfred
  • Ian MacDonald
  • Bert Stephani
  • Kevin Mullins
  • Damien Lovegrove*
  • Brian Lloyd Duckett
  • Chris Weston*
  • Paul Sanders
  • Chris Upton

* Former Fujifilm Ambassadors

Do you know who Jerry Uelsmann is ?

No? Well neither did we. But you should.

Jerry Uelsmann is an American photographer and was an early exponent of photomontage in the 20th century in America.

His work in darkroom effects foreshadowed the use of Adobe Photoshop to make surrealistic images in the late 20th century, a process led by his ex-wife, Maggie Taylor, at that time.

He received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1967, a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in 1972, and the Lucie Award in Fine Art in 2015.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, a founding member of The Society of Photographic Education.

Our task? To see if we can get him on the show….. anybody know Jerry?

The surreal, spiritual and thought-provoking images of Jerry Uelsmann, the master of photomontage, are anaylized and explored as we reveal the creative process and darkroom techniques of one of the world’s most acclaimed photographers. A film by Bill Suchy.

Alternatives to Photomechanic

Both Neale and Kevin use Photomechanic religiously and believe it is the best culling software out there.

However, we were asked on the show for some alternatives and this is what we discovered.

The wonderfully named ACDSee and FastStone Image Viewer.

Daily Caption Challenge

Image by  Alan Mermelstein.

Some of our favourites were:

Jonathan Clapton: Banksy’s life had gone from bad to worse since the start of the lockdown, and it was starting to show in his art now as well as his general appearance.
David Collopy:
Jeremy Baker: During lockdown, Leonardo Dicaprio had let himself go a bit.

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