Neale admits to being a keen fan of today’s Saturday interviewee, Elke Vogelsang, certainly one of Europe’s most celebrated dog photographers.

It’s a niche, but there is so much to learn from Elke, a humorist when it comes to photographing her subject. She shares some life lesson thoughts and observations about her journey.

Also, the boys start to discuss a particular street portrait project.  

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Charity Ltd Edn Framed Prints from Fujifund

Visit for more details but in a nutshell, he has got 16 official Fujifilm Ambassadors (Kevin include) to submit one image.

Each image will be professionally printed and framed by Digitalab and all profits go to charity.

The website is live now, with the sale starting on 20th May and is for a limited period of time.

Each day, here on the Fujicast we will show you one of the images that are on offer.

This is Russell Ord’s image; Teeth

More chat on Street Portraits

Helen Fennell had some tips about making better street portraits, approaching people, engaging them in chat about the pictures, where they are going to be used and how to handle rejection.

Daily Caption Challenge

Thank you to the Michael Shilling for the final caption competition image.

He made this out on a family shopping trip.

Apparently completely unprompted, so whilst a little risqué, we’re hoping you’ll embrace the innocence.

Image from Michael Shilling
Fran Corbett: Where is the ON button?
Pascal Diamond: Is my X-T4 in there?
Andrew Higgins: Odd, no socks..?!

Video bonus of Elke Vogelsang at Photokina

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  1. Hi, I’m almost 52 and writing you from BsAs, ARgentina, mainly to thank your for these casts that I’ve been enjoying for the last couple of weeks. I grew up in analog times, and I inherited a Zeiss Ikon Contaflex SuperBC from my father among others, who passed away earlier in my life and somehow also left me his interests. I made a pretty decent role as a teenager amateur photographer, until the hobby became too expensive to my standard of living in this roller coaster country, with respect to to her economy and politics I’m afraid.

    Only five years ago, I got the X-30 to get into this digital age, and been somehow hooked with the Fuji World, now looking forward to get an X-T30, etc. perhaps to make something more valuable about it… besides the joy of photography per se. However, in this journey, I came to know Kevin amazing wedding work through a YouTube video that really enjoyed, besides his aesthetics philosophy and been following since among others, I came to know thanks to IG. I’ve been avoiding to sign up to IG until a few months ago.. and find it fascinating to meet new talent, like Eric Mencher (amazing with an iPhone 6S).

    Whatever, thanks to jumping from one place to another thanks to technology innovations like this superb development again from Kevin, I found this marvellous podcast, and can’t get enough of it (). Thanks Neal for your eloquence (Blarney Stone perhaps?), and again to thank you for this effort you both seem to enjoy. Hopefully for most, this lockdown will end, but I will already be missing this everyday episode. The Elke interview from today was outstanding, and love her dog work as well as the one from polish alicjazmyslowska.

    Best regards, from down under, cheers, Carlos

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