Today, some useful hints for video conferencing with prospective clients, back button focusing, plus designing a new WordPress website.

Later this week on Friday we’ll be having a website special. So whether it’s a professional shop window or hobbyist site to show off your fantastic photography, if you need advice, contact us by email with your questions in time for a special episode later this week:

Mullins’s new Black and White Lightroom Presets

Kevin has been working hard during the lockdown to get something done that he’s been meaning to for a long time.

Namely, a professional, profile-based set of film-like black and white lightroom presets.

This is how it all works:

Kevin’s Black and White Lightroom Presets

Other topics we discuss

Helen Fennell’s Monopoly project

We both have a fascination with the underground world of London and The ghost stations of London in particular.

This is a cool little book regarding it:

Website Questions Friday

This Friday, we will answer your questions specifically relating to building your website.

Whether that is Squarespace, WordPress, WIX or hand coding in notepad.

Send us your questions and we’ll get to them on Friday.

And finally, in today’s episode. We give you some hints and tips on how not to look like this when hosting client meetings on Skype or Zoom:

Image from this bizare Telegraph article.

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