Tech-Free Tuesday has become one of our favourites on the daily show and today’s eclectic collection of questions offers up a real hotchpot (vegan clearly) of quick-fire challenges.

From war to cameras being trashed to next career decisions.

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Charity Ltd Edn Framed Prints from Fujifund

Visit for more details but in a nutshell, he has got 16 official Fujifilm Ambassadors (Kevin included) to submit one image.

Each image will be professionally printed and framed by Digitalab and all profits go to charity.

The website is live now, with the sale starting on 20th May and is for a limited period of time.

Each day, here on the Fujicast we will show you one of the images that are on offer.

This is Isabel Corthier’s image; Balanced Friendship

Balanced Friendship by Isabel Cortheir

Could we do what Don McCullin did?

We were asked if we could go to the places that Don McCullin did? I think we both agreed that we’d find it very difficult.

Here is Don talking about some of his work.

Don McCullin, the legendary photographer behind some of the most iconic images of our time, speaks to Christiane Amanpour about his amazing life and career.

Who would play Kevin & Neale in a movie

A fun question was thrown at us. The listener suggested the suave Patrick Stewart for Neale, whilst I think I’d be well suited by Jack Dee.

Neale James? Image © Wikipedia
Kevin Mullins? Image © Wikipedia

All things plant based

Some of you may be aware that Kevin went “plant based” in September 2019. He dislikes the word Vegan.

Occasionally this comes up in the podcast and today we mention a few things.

Kevin’s favourite pie. No, really. It’s true……

A Netflix Movies called “Fork over Knives” also came up, Kevin hasn’t seen it, Neale has. You may want to watch it, or, you may not.

Here is the trailer…..

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