Of all the crazy ideas, Kev and Neale discuss opening their own photographic coffee shop.

We talk about the lesser discussed Fujifilm camera bodies, alternative lenses and books.

There is some Parr news on the show too, as Kev will reveal.

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Neale got a gift from Leonard Neumann

Leonard Neumann the street photographer made a gift of a print for Neale prior to his interview airing soon on The FujiCast.

Kev wasn’t envious. Much.

Print by Leonard Neumann

The Black and White Coffee Shop & Gallery

Our idea of owning a gallery coffee shop, driven by receiving black and white prints and utilising empty spaces that had been appearing on the high street before and now during the virus epidemic means we may have found new purpose?

You’ll have to listen to see how this one panned out, but we both take inspiration from YouTube’s biggest photographer coffee fan with a film about, coffee.

Personally, Kevin thinks McKinnon is wrong and he needs to try out Aeropress.

Where is the love for the Fujifilm XT-30?

Mike Bouchier asked why we don’t mention the X-T10/20/30 as often as the bigger brother bodies.

And we also discuss the Samyang 12mm f2 lens and Viltrox 85mm f1.8 lens.

Kev’s Book of the Week Martin Parr Only Human

We think it’s fair to say, Kevin is a Martin Parr super-fan and he has an extensive collection of the photographer’s books and prints.

Published to coincide with Parr’s 2019 exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery – Only Human examines what it means to be human at a time of both change and retrospection. Martin Parr explores the photographer’s most enduring subject – people – as never before. By turns witty, surprising, and ingenious, Martin Parr’s photographs from the last decade reveal the eccentricities of modern life with affection and insight.

We also have an announcement regarding Martin Parr which you can hear on the podcast.

Neale talks about having a copy of The Mind’s Eye by Cartier Bresson which has notations in the margins.

Kev muses if Bresson himself made those notes and if it would be worth a penny or three? 

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