Well now, we’re hoping Gemma (Kev’s wife) gives this episode a miss, as Kevin seems set on some pretty big next wedding plans.

Also today and on a serious note, what exactly are we going to do with the extended break from earning professionally from weddings?

What was that storm in a teacup about presets and more on the forthcoming Martin Parr interview.

Charity Ltd Edn Framed Prints from Fujifund

Visit fujifund.org for more details but in a nutshell, he has got 16 official Fujifilm Ambassadors (Kevin included) to submit one image.

Each image will be professionally printed and framed by Digitalab and all profits go to charity.

The website is live now, with the sale starting on 20th May and is for a limited period of time.

Each day, here on the Fujicast we will show you one of the images that are on offer.

This is Damien Lovegrove’s image; Dancer

Dancer by Damien Lovegrove

Various other discussions in this Episode

We talked about presets and what they mean to different people plus how you can load them easily in Lightroom.

And as if by magic, here is Kevin’s little promo video for his black and white Lightroom Presets which shows you how to install them.

Why keep your books stored vertically?

Looking ahead to Monday’s show there will be a special edition featuring Martin Parr and his foundation.  

Brad Wakefield writes in to ask the boys what they intend to do if they can’t shoot professionally until Christmas? It turns out that we have plenty of ideas.

Will personal projects and what they shot prior to becoming professional possibly shape their plans now for the future?

Leftfield question came in that the boys fielded about who their showbiz wives would be in their future marriages. The answers may surprise you.

When it comes to who would shoot their weddings, it turns out Kevin would be signing big cheques as he selects White Smoke Studios and Luis Garvan for the evening portraits.

Kevin Asks What were long, flat point and shoot film cameras called?

And according to this article, he’s not alone.

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