You sent us your how-to questions on making websites and how to have them perform best! Squarespace, WordPress, Adobe, we talk about the players out there.

Search engine optimisation and how to track your progress using tools such as Google console. 

Remember too that this is a daily show and lives on your photography questions. Send to 

My word, on this episode Kevin was busy!

We talk about all these things in todays episode!

Free website through Adobe. Is it good? Is it just for hobbyists?

Page load speeds of Squarespace and why WordPress is perhaps a better choice.

And why page load speed is important.

Google Page Speed Test or for more detail GT Metrix.

We talk about optimising images and how you can do this more effectively through WordPress.

Why loading speed is important for viewing on 3G and 4G.

Why is Kev considering Squarespace for more of his websites these days?

A question about how long Google should take to recognise your site after you have hit publish. 

Is there an advantage to having separate sites for each of your genres, or can you include them all in one site?

Alt text. What does it mean, and is it important?

Reading left to right on a website.

What’s the most important thing you should have on your home page?

How do I know if my site is in Google?

How to find out if your site is being correctly indexed. Simply search in Google for:


You will see a list of all the sites Google has indexed on your domain.

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  1. Dear Kev and Neale – So many thanks for the podcast. I echo all of the positive comments by others about your work during this time. I can’t always listen daily but will find blocks of time when I’m by myself when I can binge-listen and it’s a most wonderful thing. I’ve learned a lot and have been entertained even more. I will miss the daily episodes but will be happier knowing that you and all of our friends in the UK are out and about again, especially with their cameras.

    My question is this. I have a SquareSpace site ( and have created a very basic portfolio that needs a lot of work. I was able to get an initial SmugMug site at a discount. I have learned that you can integrate your SmugMug site into your SquareSpace site. So my question is – should I work harder on redesigning and maintaining my design on my current website or integrate the SmugMug? So far, I’ve found that SmugMug seems easy to use and looks very nice. (

    Again, many kind thanks for all you do. I love this community you’ve created and encouraged and all of the love, knowledge, and energy you have brought to us, especially during this time. It continues to remind me of all of the good and good people who are forging through all of this together, one image at a time…. Cheers! Terry in Tennessee

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