It’s Saturday, so it’s interview time! Today, Russell Ord, a Fujifilm X-Photographer who is one of the world’s best-loved surf photographers.

He’s fearless and shares his tips for taking pictures in the harshest of environments.

Also, black and white, can you make a living from it?

Send us your questions about ANYTHING!

The big Saturday interview with Russell Ord

The big Saturday interview is with Russell Ord, Fujifilm X-Photographer, recognised for his incredible work photographing surfers around the world. 

Want to see Russell in action? Check out his work with the Fujifilm GFX100:

Got a question for Fujifilm?

In this episode wetalk about the forthcoming Ask Andreas show and ask for questions to be sent in for Fujifilm UK’s Head of Marketing, Andreas Georghiades.

The show is being recorded this coming Thursday, so for listeners all over the globe, send them in today.

Can you make money from Black & White photography?

This comes up occasionally, and if you didn’t already know, we recorded a “mop up” piece about this over on our YouTube Channel.

WHAT? You didn’t know we had a YouTube Channel? tsk tsk

Can you make money from black and white photography and what is it about the genre that photographers so enjoy? Question from Phoebe in Pennsylvania.

We mention David Bailey’s black and white work of course.

Peter Lik gets a mention for the way he markets his work, creating demand commercially for limited edition prints.

Have you ever heard of Vincent Baldensperger?

You should. Because both Neale and I have a collective photographymancrush on his work.

Vincent is a buddy of Kevin’s from the Kage collective and recently introduced his work to Neale.

So when it comes to black and white and making money, take a look at Vincent’s work.

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