It’s most certainly an eclectic experience today on the Sunday Service edition of the show.

We talk music, we talk websites again, there’s some more Platon chat and we attempt, attempt, to answer that question about whether photography is our life’s mission?

Send us some QUESTIONS! (please)

Neale proves that he didn’t listen very well in Sunday School right from the off and Kev issues a question fest challenge.

Get your questions in about photography, Fujifilm or just some words on what you’ve been up to during lockdown to us.

Neale’s shopping dilemmas shopping for MDF.

Is this the funniest website name ever?

Following our website special on Friday, we’re mopping up a few of the questions and solutions written in and one such was Tiddly Wiki.

Also in this episode

Sunday service is nothing if not eclectic, and the boys look up the songs that were number one on the day they were born.

Here’s a good international site to help you in that chase (for some parts of the world).

Is photography hard wired into us as creatives? The boys revisit the recent Netflix special on Platon and discuss the use of medium format film cameras and if that makes a difference to creative input or output.

Dennis Skyum brings a great question to the show; “How can I write a great ABOUT section on my photography website?” 

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