Eclectic is a word we’ve used a bit of late, but today’s Tech-Free Tuesday is certainly that.

Tuesday’s have become the ‘let yer hair down day’ where we get personal and conversational about life outside photography as much as in.

Thank you to those who pose the stranger and more amusing questions. Just some light relief between all the photography questions we get to. Tomorrow back to books and photography.

Incy Wincy Spider

Some of the subjects covered; arachnophobia in the garden! Don’t panic, we’re all okay and we just want to share YouTube’s funniest invention to help people; Lucas the Spider. Your kids will love him.

Photographing historic events, living like monks, lenses we’d only ever use as a paperweight, lottery wins, sleeping habits, wedding nerves, tinnitus, holidays, photo retreats, some real left-field questions such as Dennis Lee’s sundial poser, calamities on the ski slopes, 

Adam Buxton interviews Theroux

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