An announcement today on when the daily shows will make way for every Monday again.

Today we talk street photography and ask if there is a good lens for social distanced shooting, plus lights, keeping it simple and sound for that video work.

Fujifund opens TODAY!

Visit for more details but in a nutshell, he has got 16 official Fujifilm Ambassadors (Kevin included) to submit one image.

Each image will be professionally printed and framed by Digitalab and all profits go to charity.

The website is live now, with the sale starting on 20th May and is for a limited period of time.

Each day, here on the Fujicast we will show you one of the images that are on offer.

Lot’s of Questions today including…

We talk about how many images you should ideally show on your photo website and whether a blog is a vital component of a site.

And what about showing personal work alongside your professional pictures?

What will be the perfect social distancing lens for street work? And X-T30 or X100V, what to choose?

Some technical advice from Kev on shooting from the hip.

How did Neale light this video of Giles Penfound?

Former Chief Press Photographer for the British Army, Giles Penfound recounts his time spent photographing across the world in both military and civilian capacity – including time spent in India. An honest account of his feelings about the art of photography and the subject matter he has been exposed to.

Are Portfolio Reviews good for you?

A question arrives from somebody who is a little nervous about a portfolio review with the one and only Jeff Ascough.

Is he right to be nervous?

What mic’s do we use ourselves?

Both Neale and I have several, but we generally use these: Blue Yeti, NTG 4 or the Rode NT1A

Kev’s Book of the Week Bombay Mix

by Ketaki Sheth

Bombay is a city that never sleeps. A lot of ‘living’ happens on the street, where a disparate and unlikely blend of humanity defines its boundaries in a tightly confined space.

The thrill of Bombay is the thrill of contrast. This work brings together the street photographs of an Indian photographer taken over a period of almost 20 years.

Bonus film of Ketaki Sheth giving a Tedx talk

“Though we all bear witness to the same events and movements in the world, each of us interprets our surroundings in our own unique manner, stimulating contrasting emotions, ideas and beliefs.” Using her work documenting the Sidis as context, photographer Ketaki Sheth traces the trajectory of an idea, describing the phases of genesis and gestation of a project, the development following its birth, as well as the hurdles and glitches involved, before the final act of letting go. Ketaki Sheth has been a photographer for 30 years. She works on self-commissioned projects which sometimes take years to complete. Her work includes a 4 year project on Patel Twins in Britain and India (Twinspotting, Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK, 1999), 20 years of photographing Bombay’s streets (Bombay Mix, Dewi Lewis Publishing 2007), A Certain Grace: The Sidi, Indians of African Descent (Photoink, New Delhi, 2012) and her just completed first work in colour “Still Lives” due for publication. Having been exhibited in India and overseas including the National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi, Photoink New Delhi, National Portrait Gallery London, Tate Modern London, Emile Zola Galler, Aix en Provence, amongst others, she has won the Sanskriti Award in India and the Higashikawa award in Japan for her work.

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