Water and cameras, not a well-known bed partner – today we hear why. We also talk about Google tricks and where to go if you want great photography without Insta-hype.

And then, just as you thought it was all over, Kev reveals a question to silence Neale, for once.

Today’s questions include

One listener seems to be having a slight battle with his X-T3 when comparing it to his X-T1 in so much as the EVF and rear viewfinder are returning unfaithful colours.

What could it be? Do you have the same issue?

Is my camera water resistant or water proof?

A question on how to check on your page speed etc.

Kev warns of over optimising your sites and falling out with Google!

And should I make my site more multi-media, embrace films and sound?

We are asked about websites for serious photography





And then Kevin’s proposal to Neale

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