Today, what’s more important, photographic fame, or are a solid business?

Do photographers focus on the wrong thing? Tripods, search engines and buying too much gear.

The money we’ve just burned! Just some of the subjects discussed on today’s FujiCast Daily.

The British Podcast Awards

Not that we should infer anything, but if you were to go to THIS LINK, and search for your FAVOURITE podcast. It would be ace! 🙂

The website questions keep coming

In this episode, we discuss Smugmug, Zenfolio, Pictime and a question regarding the Lighthouse Test.

This talk will provide strong guidance on how to effectively assess and optimize site performance. In collaboration with the Search Console Team, the session will showcase how to methodically diagnose, benchmark against both lab and field metrics, and monitor your site speed using Google’s tools. A Chrome performance expert will demonstrate live when and how to use various tools at different stages of development, providing analysis and tips along the way.

Gear talk including tripods

I have an X-T1, do I NEED to upgrade to a 2, or, 3?

And would I be wise to consider the X-Pro range instead of the T?

We talk tripods and discover both Kev and Neale are Manfrotto users.

Gear Acquisition Syndrome, GAS, what stuff have the boys bought that they really didn’t or don’t need?

Aperture, Shutter priority of P Mode, the benefits of each.

Some other bits and bobs

We were told of a photographer who has a superb portfolio of work who deserves far more attention: – He’s the author too of the Photographer’s Guide to Paris.

We ask, what’s better, to be well known or have a solid business?

We talk about the photographer who commands large fees for his limited edition tiered purchase system prints.

An interesting article here about Peter Lik’s work – which is amazing and good for him, we say!

Fair Isle Jumpers

Kevin reminds us of a place he’d love to go and photograph people wearing Jumpers.

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