Entering the last week of dailies, Kev and Neale contemplate their feelings nine weeks into lockdown as measures start to lift. The X100, F or V?

Which is the one to buy? Cookie notifications also under the spotlight and Kev isn’t too keen on pop-up-tastic sites it would seem. What makes a good photo?

Well, where do we even start? And then Neale has news of his new photography podcast starting Monday 1st June. It’s all in today’s daily.

En eclectic mix today

X100 F or V?

Cookie notifications. Am I legally obliged to have them?

XP tough cameras: https://fujifilm-x.com/global/products/cameras/xp120/

What are TLDs and why are they important?

What makes a photo a good photo? That’s almost like asking about the meaning of life, the universe and everything!

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  1. I just have a comment on the X100F vs V. I don’t own either but have rented the 100T and 100F for vacations and I enjoyed both very much. I had owned an XPro2 for about a year. I later got an XH-1 when they were deeply discounted and immediately loved the far better EVF of the XH over the Xpro. When the Pro3 was announced the the finder was one of the improvements I waited and got a Pro3 selling off my Pro2.

    So, better finder in hand I can tell you that the AF is far far better on the Pro3 than the Pro2 and you’d find the same between the 100V and 100F. If your gripe about the 100F is AF the 100V cures that. Having a sensor full of focus points is where the 100V also wins. I tend to move focus points to where I want them in the composition even moving the points before I raise the camera to my eye. The Pro3 took care of many of the Pro2’s short comings and I’d rather have a 100V than the F for those same reasons. The V or Pro3 can very nearly keep up with a modern DSLR now and that couldn’t be said for the previous versions. If you happen to shoot Pro DSLR AND Fuji the newer Fuji cameras bridge the gap better.

    I see little if no improvement in image quality between the XH sensor and the Pro3 sensor. They are both very good for APS-C cameras. 26 vs 24 isn’t worth the upgrade if that is all you think you are going to get out of the trade up.

    So just sayin, nobody it seems ever mentions the points I raise. They matter to me and what I shoot. There are of course lots of subjects where focus speed makes no difference.

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