Some photographers it seems, think every scratch tells a story so today we ask, just how tough are our Fuji cameras?

And does Kev need to invest in new dividers? Printing at home. It’s not for the faint hearted, or is it?

And the new software that makes your X body the best webcam ever! Send your questions as ever to 

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Today’s topics include

Today, turns out Kev has a talking dog! 

Also a mention for the Fujicastat4 Facebook group, where each day you take a picture of the first thing you see between 4 and 5 pm wherever you are in the world.

How to use your Fujifilm camera as a webcam

Fujifilm’s X-Webcam software has just been released and it’s clever stuff if you’re a Windows user.

Neale and Kev discuss the merits of a way in which your webcam can be replaced by your Fujifilm camera bodies and enjoy being able to use features like film simulation too.

The Fuji Guys “Billy” provides a quick 3 step tutorial on transforming your X/GFX Series compatible camera into a high quality webcam.

More conversations

How tough are these Fujifilm cameras? Can they take a proper beating? Do you need dividers in your bag even?!

Printing at home, is it worth the hassle?

Why do different cameras work with Lightroom so differently.

And Kev reveals what it is about Squarespace that he likes the best and how do their new templates work in 7.1?

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