Nine weeks of lockdown has softened our feet and, for some folk aided a little weight gain. So are we fit enough to return to work?

Shhh, a little more F versus V. Duplicating web content on Facebook or Instagram; good or bad practise? If you have a business page, listen to this. Kev has an idea of how to find who is blatantly copying your hard work on their website.

And what stops us from achieving our ambitions?

Are you fit enough to return to work?

Mullins reminisces about his days in rugby whilst thinking about fitness emerging from the lockdown. Have we lost our edge during lockdown, fitness wise that is?

Are you ready to work again?

Which is better Fujifilm X100F or X100V

Alright then, let’s put this one to bed, is it worth buying the X100V?

Now, both the boys don’t have one, so we’ve relied upon your reports to send us one way or the other.

What’s wrong woth duplicating Web Content?

Is repeating blog post content on Facebook or Instagram a good thing? Will we get marked down for it by Google? 

If your website is being plagiarised, let Copyscape come to your aid: 

We spend a lot of time getting the name wrong of WFelix Baumgartner

The British Podcast Awards

Not that we should infer anything, but if you were to go to THIS LINK, and search for your FAVOURITE podcast. It would be ace! 🙂

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