Photographing cars with guest James Lipman. Is this the best time to buy mentoring?

Kev family plans to start a smallholding and Neale ponders whether an exhibition could be a great way to build local interest in your work.

The Android OS cuddles up to camera manufacturers and does your storage need back up power to stop a spike taking your archive down?

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Today’s Guest is James Lipman

James Lipman car photographer:  Insta:

Some of the educators we disciss

The F4 team featuring Thomas Heaton, Gavin Hardcastle, Nick Page, Adam Gibbs

Phil White’s documentary course

And Zack Arias.

Our friend Steve Shipman

In January 2016, Steve started a blog as an experimental platform for his personal work. In March 2017, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and his personal work took on a new twist.

Steve was passionate about photography and loved to share his photos and the thoughts behind his work.

This book is a copy of his online blog, compiled in the first instance for his family, and now available for others to see too.

Link to the Steve Shipman Book

Neale’s Film with Steve

A few other mentions

Viltrox 85mm lens and you can see Kevin’s review here.

Look carefully at this video and you’ll see Neale’s use of wall space to promote his photography business! 

The android powered camera:

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