We talk with Paul Sanders and the draw to win an X-T100 and XF10 with FujiFund and questions on ideal cameras for a startup and how to improve your website copy, plus Jane Bown’s book on cats!  

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Today’s Guest is Paul Sanders

We talk with Paul Sanders, the Fujifilm X-Photographer behind ‘Discover Still,’ in one of the most candid conversations with a guest yet.

Paul completely changed his life’s direction to become one of the UK’s most respected landscape photographers, but it’s not been all plain sailing!

Kev’s Book of the Week Jane Bown The Singular cat

This photographic portrait of cats contains 60 black and white photographs by The Observer photographer Jane Bown.

An introduction by journalist and playwright Julie Welch sets the scene for the cats themselves, whether active or relaxing, indoors or outdoors.

Some other stuff we mention

Kev and Neale remember the business model of JAGGY JPEG

What is the best camera to start your wedding career with, Kev suggest you have a camera with two-card slots! Insurers insist on it.

Kev gets irate about the current rules to allow pubs to open, yet still keep weddings very low key.

Moving over to Squarespace and writing for your website. Kevin shares his thoughts about who should write for your site, and ways to improve grammar by using Grammarly

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  1. I look forward to your shows every week. I usually listen while taking my tuesday hike around the park. One feature I like is the weekly book discussion. Today’s book, The Singular Cat, was listed at Amazon (UK) at 1/2 pound and 13 pounds to deliver to me in the US; maybe the next book will be the one for me.

    I have a suggestion for a book which I love and love having in my small library: “The Sweet Flypaper of Life” by Roy DeCarava (photographer) and Langston Hughes (poet). This is a short, moving story about a family in Harlem, NY, with photographs to illustrate. First publishing was 1955.

    One feature of the book is that the story and the photographs are so imaginatively integrated into one work. Langston Hughes was one of our premier poets in the last century and, to make this even more appropriate today, a Black poet of universal appeal. I don’t know anything about the photographer other that he is popular in museums.

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