Today the graphic and important photographs of war and protests. Essential documents of history, but would you hang them on your wall as art?

Also, we hear the second part of an interview with landscape photographer Paul Sanders who embraces his work as a part of mindfulness.

The first part of this interview is here.

And moving Lightroom catalogues between computers, organising your Instagram grid with a book of the week from the Hoxton Mini Press.

Write into the show here.

Kev’s Book of the Week Hacney Studios by Jenny Lewis

Hackney, East London, is well known for its vibrant creative community. Jenny Lewis spent four years in and out of studios across the borough photographing a tribe of artists who over time have defined the area. Painters, illustrators, filmmakers, jewellers, ceramicists and fashion designers invite us into their studios and share their private thoughts about the creative process. 

What began with a chance encounter with fashion designer Isobel Webster grew organically into a ‘family tree’ of the borough’s creative community, with each artist nominating the next person to be photographed. 

Lewis notes that many of the artists featured in the project have since been forced to leave their studios due to recent steep rent increases, and as such, hopes this book will stand as a timely reminder and celebration of the spirit of creativity in one of London’s most dynamic areas.

Some other stuff we mention

Larry Burrows (a Life history feature on the Reaching Out picture):

Don McCullin’s story of the marine: 

César Manrique, the Canarian artist:

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