Today Scott Shillum from The Photography Movement talks about mental health and well being, and introduces how the movement helps photographers.

Also, now that lockdown has effectively ended, why are we still working for free? What is the best Fujifilm camera for making large wall art images and is the iPad Pro a good picture editing machine?

Neale and Kev ponder their destination wedding work and whether it will return and is the camera industry losing ever more customers to the smart phone companies?

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The Photography Movement

The Photography Movement has been founded to help all of humanity express their emotions around mental health and wellbeing by sparking conversation around the subject through the medium of photography.

A picture really does speak a thousand words and photography is a universal language that stirs passions and emotions from deep within. A photograph that captures a fleeting moment in time can last forever in the memory and most people these days carry a sophisticated camera in their pockets by dint of the smartphone revolution.

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Win a TourBox!!!

You can read all about the TourBox Competition and get a discount here.

Kev’s Book of the Week Magnum Football

In the tradition of great Magnum books, this publication brings together the work of the finest photographers of our time. Whether covering the latest news or working on commissions or their own personal stories, Magnum photographers have also found time to document a sport that unites us all – football.

This uplifting book brings together an array of images by outstanding photographers working across the globe: Henri Cartier-Bresson in Italy, James Nachtwey in Brazil, Steve McCurry in Burma, Martin Parr in Japan, Abbas in Iran, Luc Delahaye in France, and many more. The pictures, taken over fifty years, show that whether played with a tin can on the back streets of Glasgow or with bare feet on a dusty field in Tanzania, football is a game that cuts across all geographic and social divides. Magnum photographers have captured the sport and its fans with affection and humour.

Magnum Football is not a book about super-rich professionals; it uses football to illuminate the human condition.

Heart Valve Voice Documentary Competition

To enter the competition photographers simply submit 5 of their photos that capture treasured moments or moments ‘from the heart.’ Winners are then paired with a local valve disease patient to capture life after treatment. With the final exhibition and announcement of the overall winner in the House of Parliament in December. 

The most difficult part of this is getting photographers to enter. And we would love your support in helping that. Just a social media post would be great. I can send you any images or you need to go along with it. 

Here’s a link to the competitions website.

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