Martin Parr discussed following his role in a book now recognised to have a racist undercurrent. Guest Chris Orange talks of the benefit of being a real all-rounder in the first of a two parter; today commercial and PR work.

We also talk about writing business letters and ask for the second time; “Is wedding photography dead, and what next for destination weddings?”

Facebook advertising, does it work for your genre? Some more on macro and loss of images through card corruption.

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Today’s Guest is Chris Orange

Chris talks of the benefit of being a real all-rounder in the first of a two parter.

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Kev’s Book of the Week Self Portrait With Cows Going Home by Sylvia Plachy

In this, Plachy’s most complex and personal book to date, we are asked to reconsider ideas of self-portraiture and going home again. In 1956, in the wake of the Hungarian Revolution, Plachy and her parents escaped into Austria carrying only a small valise. She returned to Hungary eight years later, this time with a camera in hand. Through the gently subversive images gathered here, her life is revealed via clues, fragments of words, and pictures as if by someone looking into a mirror and seeing her life pass before her eyes-not linearly like a film, but rather in layers.

She has won a Guggenheim fellowship, and publishes regularly in periodicals including the The New Yorker, TIME, Smithsonian, GEO, and The Village Voice.

Sylvia Plachy – Women In Photography International NYC – A special collaboration w/the 2nd Annual LUCIE AWARDS October 18, 2004 American Airlines Theatre, New York.

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