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Prepare to be astounded as we think a listener has uncovered the best family time capsule idea ever.

Also, today, does someone mention the possibility of a new f1 lens and how would you go about a digital detox?

This week’s guest is fashion, beauty and advertising photographer Wayne Johns and the book of the week is from Bryan Adams. You know what they say on this show; ‘everything we do, we do it for you.’ 😉  

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Today’s Guest is Wayne Johns

Wayne Johns is a Fashion, Beauty, Advertising, Photographer & Director based in London, best known for his crisp and emotive imagery, Wayne has gained international recognition as a ‘master of lighting techniques’ and his artistic approach.

This week we received a couple of gifts

We received a lovely Harry Callahan book from friend-of-the-show Dennis Lee and also a beautiful ‘zine this week from Darren Rose.

Kev’s Book of the Week Haven by by Bryan Adams

This is a very nice collection of photographs, mostly in black-and-white with a few in colour. The photographs are a mixture of portraits, faces and artistic compositions.

There are several well-known faces featured, including Naomi Campbell, Elizabeth Hurley, Mel C, Kate Moss, The Rt Hon Betty Boothroyd, and many more.

Currently available on Abe Books.

A few more things we discuss this week

We talked about digital detoxes:

Matt D’Avella’s brilliant social detox film:

Kevin Bridges:  the Scottish Comedian.

Blurb is mentioned for self publishing: 

Post processing family archive pictures.

Stills photography at funerals.

Are the rumours about the F1 lens true?

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