What would the boys do if they didn’t shoot weddings and were singletons?! Also, everyone should be shooting ‘corner portraits,’ you heard it here first. What lens combo should a listener take to the birth of their child and which features to record? Inappropriate moments at weddings – should you document them? Can I export my pictures straight out into Lightroom? And our guest from the fashion and advertising world, X-Photographer Wayne Johns talks about getting into fashion.

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Part two of the interview with Wayne Johns

Wayne Johns is a Fashion, Beauty, Advertising, Photographer & Director based in London, best known for his crisp and emotive imagery, Wayne has gained international recognition as a ‘master of lighting techniques’ and his artistic approach.

Kev’s Book of the Week Private Passion by by Anton Corbijn

Another wonderful book by the amazing Anton Corbijn

A few more things we discuss this week

Platon – http://platonphoto.com/menu/ 
Bill Wadman’s Corner project – https://www.billwadman.com/corner

Charlie Clift’s BAFTA portraits – https://www.charliecliftphotography.com/blog/bafta-tv-awards-2019-official-portraits/
Leonard Neumann – http://www.leonardneumann.com/ 
Kant Rathod: https://itsnotwhatyousee.photography/ 
The Bronx Documentary Center: https://www.bronxdoc.org/

Why does Kev always shoot in Black & White?

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