Captain Bjorn Moerman is our guest on the show this week, a Fujifilm ambassador with a difference.

Also, what to do when your kids start turning away from the camera, give them an X100F it seems?!

Kev launches a new social platform called ’Sniffter’ and reveals he is allergic to velcro in camera bags, plus we tackle the question of upgrading your Squarespace site, for those wanting to jump to the new-ish release.

A shout out for our new Patrons, who actually IS Neale’s father and when is the ’throw in the towel date for the boys’ wedding business?

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Today’s guest is Bjorn Moerman

You can see Bjorn’s amazing work on his website and Instagram channels.

Bjorn also has a book, Focus on the World Below:

Kev’s Book of the Week Like you’ve never been away by by Paul Trevor

In December 1974, Paul Trevor came to Liverpool as a member of the Exit Photography Group: three young photographers collaborating on a project to document life in Britain’s inner cities. Paul stayed for six months photographing the hardships faced by people, particularly children, at a time of economic decline and social unrest. In 1982, some of his photographs were published in Survival Programmes: In Britain’s Inner Cities – a book of Exit’s work that is now regarded as one of the most significant documentary projects of its time.

A few more things we discuss this week

Thanks for the beer from The Red Rock Brewery.

The Tenba Messenger bag called DNA.

Mel DiGiacomo 

We also speak about two of our favourite wedding photographers; Joe Buissink and Mel DiGiacomo.

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