Masazumi Imai the Head of Design for Fujifilm X-Series cameras talks with Kevin Mullins from Tokyo about how he conceived the ten-year-old X100, the camera that for many photographers worldwide became their gateway to mirrorless technology.

Also, we speak with Australia’s X-Photographer Andrew Hall about being in motorsport photography at the very top, plus Carl Hare tackles more of your deep tech including how autofocus deals with the face mask!

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Today’s first guest is Masazumi Imai

According to iF World Design, Masazumi Imai is a design manager at the Fujifilm Corporation for digital cameras of the X-/GFX series. He graduated from the Tama Art University and then began his career as a designer for film cameras, binoculars and small printers.

Since 2002, Masazumi has been a member of the Fujifilm Corporation and developed the X-series digital cameras as well as their interchangeable lenses, including the first X100 camera in 2011.

He made a significant contribution to Fujifilm being awarded more than 100 international design awards for its digital camera products in the last eight years, including the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Award and the Good Design Award.

Kev has been privileged enough to mee Masa-san several times, and it was an honour to spend 30 minutes or so chatting about this very special camera on the occasion of its 10th Birthday.

Fancy winning a Limited Edition Fujifilm X100V?

September 2020 marks a decade since the birth of the FUJIFILM X100 series, so to celebrate, we’re running a photo competition showcasing the best shots you’ve taken with one of these legendary cameras.

For some, it’s the professional level of performance you get in such a tiny body. For others, it’s the revolutionary Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder. For many more, it’s the external dials and iconic body design. There are countless reasons why the X100 series is so dearly loved by photographers around the world, but what really makes this range of cameras special is the rich tapestry of moments it’s captured.

It’s for this reason that we are asking you to select the single greatest image you have ever taken with an X100 camera and share it with us. There are no restrictions on genre; it could be a street shot that stops you in your tracks, a portrait that makes it impossible to look away or a landscape that transports you to a different place.

Whatever is in the frame, if it’s a moment that’s special to you, we want to see it. And what’s more, if it catches the eye of our judging panel, you could win a limited edition 10th Anniversary X100V and be featured in the exclusive X100: Framing a Decade exhibition at London’s FUJIFILM House of Photography!

Enter your image now and show us how you have helped to shape the X100 series into a photography icon.

We also have Part Two of the Andrew Hall Interview

Andrew Hall, motorsport photographer and official Fujifilm Ambassador for Australia joins us on the show.

Kev’s Book of the Week Launderama: London’s Launderettes by Joshua Blackburn

Photographer Joshua Blackburn has made it his mission to document every remaining launderette in London – more than 400. As high streets grow ever more homogenous, these are one of the few businesses that retain their striking individuality. But they’re an endangered species: many close every year in the UK. ‘The colours, signs, machines, surfaces and geometry are impossible to resist,’ says Blackburn, whose project started as an online blog.

Launderama, which features a selection of photos alongside an introductory essay and map, captures the colourful design and community spirit of the humble launderette.

Kev’s new Fujifilm JPEG Recipies

A few more things we discuss this week

We talk about things we wouldn’t photograph and why.

Lee Jeffries is mentioned: 

HAIL TO THE CHIEF ENGINEER – Carl Hare talks to us and you can ask him techy questions in the Facebook Post.

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