Swapping from Nikon to Fujifilm for professional work. What camera would the team suggest?

Carl Hare Product Specialist for Fujifilm is back again to answer your tech questions, this week:  tethering your Fuji camera for using as a webcam, is ISO real in Fujifilm cameras and more. We talk about photographing on Alcatraz with listener Ryan Katsanes. What do Kev and Neale feel about socially distanced picture-making?

Book of the week is Vintage 80s, London Street Photography by Johnny Stiletto.

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Today’s guest is Ryan Katsanes

Ryan shares his experience piecing together an Alcatraz project :

Kev’s Book of the Week Vintage 80s: London Street Photography by Johnny Stiletto

‘No other city has the variety of hairstyles male and female that parade the streets of London. The bouffant, the duck arse, the white wings of power swept over the ears, the coxcomb punk, the flat top, the social outrider’s bowl cut. They’re all there to make a place. In respect of the hair of the 80s, the rest of the world was dead from the neck up.’

Buy a 35mm camera at the beginning of 1980 and spend the next 10 years walking around London taking half a roll of black and white a day and photograph whatever happens in front of you.

You get Mick Jagger, New Romantics, ra-ra skirts, Boy George, Sloane Rangers. The beginning of Covent Garden, yuppies, the IRA bombings, the Iranian Embassy siege. Hundreds of headlines – John Lennon Shot Dead, Royal Romance: Andrew To Wed. Margaret Thatcher’s London, fashions that came and went.

Here are 160 unique street photographs of London when it was the style, musical, political and fashion capital of the world.

Your Tech Questions answered by Carl Hare

You can see some of Carl’s lovely personal work on his Instagram Channel.

A few more things we discuss this week

Blue Yeti  Microphone

Shure SM58

Shure SM57

Blue Icicle XLR to USB converter and mic preamp

We talk about using vintage lenses on Fuji cameras.

We also spend too long discovering whether Binni B is a girl or a boy, but then discover HIS amazing Instagram

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Comments (2)
  1. Re: The tube in the 1980’s.
    You could smoke on the underground in the 1980s. The King’s Cross fire 1987(?) put an end to that.

    Don’t you remember all those lines of fag butts trapped between the wooden slats on the carriage floors?

    Cheers. Andy.

  2. Listening to your podcast and the ever ongoing concern about the future of wedding photography… I know you two are hurting financially and the outlook is bleak but I feel that there is one big important point that is being overlooked, in that the whole point of a wedding is the union of two people so that they can begin their life together. It is not about photography, or hospitality, or wedding cars or a whole load of other stuff, it is about a couple wanting to live their lives together.
    All too often I see photographers at weddings and their importance is blown out of all proportion, it is if we are there as their models rather than a photographer being there to record the occasion. I have seen some that have spoiled the ceremony because they have become too obtrusive with their desire to get the shot.
    My daughter got married last week, we had 20 at the church TOTAL and luckily the photographer was family. It was certainly an unusual wedding, with masks, hand sanitiser, social distancing, social bubbles and no reception afterward, The feast, the speeches and reels will come later when we can have a good old fashioned blow out with no socially distancing.
    “Back in the war” is was a case of carpe diem and it still should be today, so what God has joined together let no virus put asunder.

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