Our special guest this week is Xyza Cruz Bacani.

This week’s talking points include professionals moving into ‘survival mode’ for the winter; how can we help each other?

What lens and camera combo to use for on-set photography, should I separate my Instagram out for different genres or include everything on my one grid, going from Leica to a Fujifilm X-Pro; what should I expect and other topics. 

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Today’s guest is Xyza Cruz Bacani

Our special guest this week is Xyza Cruz Bacani, Fujifilm X-Photographer, Magnum Foundation Fellow and previously awarded one of the BBC’s Top 100 Women of the World.

We spoke about her book, We are Like Air, early on in the Fujicast history.

Kev’s Book of the Week In the Limelight: The Visual Ecstasy of NYC Nightlife in the 90s: The Visual Ecstasy of NYC Club by Steve Eichner

Eichner was a fixture of 1990s New York City nightlife and served as both its official and unofficial photographer in an era before cellphones and selfies. In this book, readers go beyond the velvet ropes and into the spaces that witnessed some of the decade’s most incredible and sought-after parties. Previously unpublished, these intoxicating full-coluor photographs capture the over-the- top costumes, non-stop dancing, glitter, confetti, sex, drugs, and music that made 90s New York unlike any other place. Celebrities abound, from Leonardo DiCaprio, Dennis Hopper, and Tupac to Joan Rivers, Michael Musto, and Donald Trump. Eichner takes you to many of the city’s hot spots, including the Limelight, the Tunnel, Webster Hall, Club Expo, and Club USA. Texts by famous club owner Peter Gatien and BuzzFeed photo essay editor Gabriel H. Sanchez offer a historic and cultural perspective on an era when New York City was more affordable and every night saw artists, bankers, drag queens, musicians, and poets reveling together.

A few more things we discuss this week

We talk film set photography and you might want to listen to Episode 76 where we speak to Keith Bernstein about this very subject.

We talk about the CMA ruling in Wedding Deposits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key to the ruling is this section:


Where lockdown laws prevent or prevented a wedding from going ahead on the agreed date, the starting point under the law is that the consumer should be offered a full refund (see section 1(2) of the Law Reform (Frustrated Contracts) Act 1943).

Consumers would be entitled to refunds even where they have paid what the business says are ‘non-refundable’ deposits or other advance payments.

The wedding business may, however, be able to withhold certain limited amounts relating to expenses it has already incurred in respect of the wedding.

Competitions and MARKETS AUTHORITY

New Fujifilm Stuff

We talk about the X-S1, X-T3 firmware, 10-24mm new lens, 18mm f1.4 announced this week.

You can see all the new announcements here:

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  1. Good morning from Greece dear Neale and Kevin! I wanted to do my good deed for this week so what did I do? I went on the fujicast website and read all the episode notes. Beautiful, excellent, amazing notes written by Kevin with so much care and love. All jokes aside thank you both for your time and the effort you put on this podcast. It makes my week, it’s very informative and the notes are necessary for me since I hear the podcast while doing other stuff as well, so if I need anything I go straight to the notes and find all I need. Lastly I wanted to tell you, since we haven’t speak for a while that I am now a Fujifilm shooter. A proud X100F shooter. Amazing camera! Thanks again for everything yada yada yada…

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