Kev and Neale reconsider retraining as beauticians and travel agents for at least one minute, the book of the week from Nick Danziger, we talk backups, business postponements, a Fujifilm wedding video kit list, neg cleaning, portrait advice, monitors, why are custom settings slowing my camera down, can we make the next X100 smaller still and do the boys miss full-frame sensors?

Today’s guest is Jamie Stoker.

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Today’s guest is Jamie Stoker

Jamie Stoker is an acclaimed fashion photographer and Fujifilm Ambassador based in the UK.

Kev’s Book of the Week The British by Nick Danziger

Britain’s leading photojournalist (author of the bestselling ‘Danziger’s Travels’) selects the pick of his black-and-white images of Britain’s underclass and upperclass to create an extraordinarily vivid and intimate portrait of Britain at the start of the new millennium.

Over the last ten years, Nick Danziger has secured access to photograph hugely diverse areas of British life that have never been seen in public before. Two series of Channel 4 documentaries – ‘Postcards from the Edge’ and ‘The Establishment’ – have featured his photographs of ‘two-nations’ Britain: one that dreams of holding on to its past and its traditions, the other that has few dreams other than survive the future.

From the palaces of Westminster to Durham’s high-security, H-block prison wing for women murderers, from remote Scottish crofting communities to the violence-scarred, inner-city neighbourhoods of Scottswood and Benwell in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, from the richest man in England (the Duke of Westminster) and the C-in-C of the British Army to lives dominated by the abuse of drugs, violence and unemployment, Nick Danziger traverses the land in images of unique dramatic power.

A few more things we discuss this week

We talk about the great photographer and educator, Glyn Dewis

Kev also mentions his presets and FREE Fujifilm Recipes for 2020.

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