Kev and Neale muse over whether meeting up to work in the same studio again will be allowed before the next new decade, how you advertise your services minus a portfolio, what about a medium format styled X100, is sharpness really that important and should we swap our zooms for primes?

We try to solve a brand choice decision and we tackle T stop lenses and marketing processes.

Tony Ray-Jones is the feature of this week’s book review and respected wedding photographer Adam Johnson is our guest.

Keep sending your questions.

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Today’s guest is Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson is an established and celebrated Wedding Photographer in the UK.

Book of the week is Tony Ray-Jones American Colour

He referred to them as “isolated sketches”, but the were part of his formative experience. Colour might have been considered vulgar, then ,and not the medium of serious photography, but for Tony Ray-Jones it expressed the excitement of the country in a way that black and white did not. “I found America a very colour-conscious country”, he said. “Colour is very much part of theit culture, and they use it in crazy ways. You look down Madison Avenue at lunchtime and the colours just vibrate. He arrived in America in 1961 on a scholarship to Yale to study graphic art and he returned to England four years later. It was in America that he learned to be a photographer. Among New York’s street parades, on Fith Avenue, in Times Square, Chinatown and Little Italy he learned to extract individual moments from a crowded backdrop and to find order in the chaos of the street. Based in New York, he made trips across the country ; west to Detroit, south to Florida ; all the time making colour pictures alongside black and white. “When i got back to England i found everything so grey that i did’nt see the point of shooting in colour. To me, Britain is very much a black and white country”. Britain was where he made his reputation, but America, and particularly New York, was where he made the experiments that would inform it. This small book of colour photographs shows something of what those experiments produced.

A few more things we discuss this week

We speak more about Tony Ray-Jones and his “Notes on Shooting” which Kevin discusses here.

You should also check out the Book Shop at The Martin Parr Foundation.

Sven Lohmeier’s Flickr page featuring the German project we talk about.

May Ellen Mark – the Book of Everything

And do you know the difference between T-Stops and F-Stops?

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Comments (1)
  1. Hi Kevin,
    I attended last week’s Zoom session with Martin Parr in which he presented his newest book: FROM THE POPE TO A FLAT WHITE . I recognized your name among the attendants so I assume you were online too.

    I must admit it felt really special to be one of approx. 300 people together in a a Zoom call with the real Martin Parr. I am working in the home office since 9 months now (living in Germany), I spend several hours each working day in web conferences. But this was by far the most interesting one since this all began.

    My question:
    I really liked the old pictures from rural ireland from the 80s/90s in the new book, taken at ballrooms and horsefairs etc.. But I must admit that I could not fancy that much the newer pictures taken in Dublin, esp. at start up companies.

    Do you think this is because they currently lack nostalgia and will in some decades become almost as amazing pictures as the older ones in the book ?

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