Today a package arrives from Denmark, the boys ponder whether Voigtlander film lenses work well with the GFX system, what the best microphone for making YouTube video voice-overs is and how good the files for video are SOOC from the GFX camera Kev owns.

We talk about workflow, what we’d like from the X-Pro4 or new XH camera, the great monochrome camera debate, Kev’s camera of the year and Flippy Screen Gate; just what is it people don’t like about the flippy screen? Book of the week is The Photographers on Photography by Henry Carroll and our guest is photographer and book self-publisher, Dan Milnor.

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Today’s guest is Dan Milnor

Dan Milnor is a Photojournalist and Blurb Creator. He also has a brilliant YouTube Channel.

Book of the week is Henry Carroll The Photographers on Photography

Think you know photography? Think again. Through a carefully curated selection of quotes and images, this book reveals what matters most to the masters of photography.

With accompanying text by Henry Carroll, author of the internationally bestselling Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs series, you’ll learn what photography actually means to the giants of the genres and how they developed their distinctive visual styles.

A few other things we touch on this week

SM7B microphone.

GFX 50R with Viogtlander lenses.

Fujifilm Refurb Store.

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Sorry, this is a very long questions. For some unknown reason since upgrading to the X-T4 I’ve been experiencing a few issues syncing sound between film footage from the two cameras. I’ve always used the sound to sync automatically in post and never really experienced any issues on the X-T2 or X-T3. I know the X-T4 exports a time code in the metadata and I’m wondering, as I cannot get the time synced on my two bodies, could that be causing a problem? Therefore, could you please ask the tech expert from Fuji (sorry I forgot his name) how I can sync the time on my two X-T4’s. I have set them both to get the time from the Fujifilm app on my phone. With the phone getting the time from the interweb, it should be spot on? However, despite having synced the time on both cameras the first time I ever added them to the app, I have subsequently failed miserably, to get them to update the time when connected to the phone app. You might also like to ask why the cameras seem to loose the time after a few weeks, only by a few seconds, but still enough to be frustrating.

    Many Thanks

    P.S. Still loving the podcast, despite all the shite that’s going on it still brings a smile to my face.

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